In the Christian world of great HipHop acts like Lecrae, K.B., NF, to mention a few, one could say, “The struggle is real” for many HipHop acts to keep up with the trend and flows left by these great acts. For Noble barz, this may not be the case.

Ricardo Neeley, aka Noble Barz, formerly Barz Noble hailing from The Bahamas, has beaten the odds in the HipHop game through constantly releasing music that puts a mark on the airwaves. The hip-hop artist is enriched with a passion for delivering lyrics through poetry and rap, all fashioned into music. Noble Barz identifies himself as “Noble,” which stands for the purposeful message of hope that he always intends to deliver through his music. All his music is relevant and yet spiritual at the same time. On top of being noble, he goes ahead to baptize with the other name as “Barz,” which signifies the art of music he portrays. HipHop music is usually comprised of insightful poetry through spoken word, rap, and over-composed beats. With Noble’s new album “The Struggle is Real,” you can notice what exactly I mean.

The album was released on Apple music on the 25th of Feb, and since then, I have been a fan of Noble’s music. Featuring ten tracks that are well done, produced, and mastered, this album is just a must-have. With incredible acts like Sketch, NevandriaLyric, Solo, Philocypha, and Lashan, the album stands out for me.

Check out “The Struggle Is Real” on Apple music:

The rich lyrics and significant bars describe the uniqueness of the album. Songs like “Life By The Page,” “The Struggle is Real,” “Around the Bend,” and “Let it Go” represent how rich of an album this was. The work and talent put in here are so evident.

The album describes the many struggles we all go through in life and how many can relate. In one of the tracks here, Noble goes ahead to mention;

“Don’t struggle for people to like you; many people are struggling to like themselves.”

Many people in these times are struggling to get back onto their feet after the pandemic that was, and it’s so hard to live out without having people that like you. Noble Barz promises that there is no one that totally and indeed likes everything about themselves. Many of us are work in progress and always shoot to aim higher and become better versions of ourselves. Very thoughtful bars like the one above are what is about to turn around your day for sure.

Other songs on this album (T.S.I.R.) will also leave a mark on you as long as you choose to listen to 46 minutes of the whole album. “Around the Bend,” which is the latest single from Noble Barz and also features on the album, is one of my favorite because it reminds you of HOPE and always to look forward to life ahead. Keep searching for the light around the bend.

Link to T.S.I.R. on Spotify:

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