Is Launched to Provide Creative Freedom to Freelancers & Service Providers is a freelancer’s platform that facilitates creation of services or tasks which can be offered for sale by freelancers & service providers. It’s an excellent platform to explore talent online where corporate or contractors can hire professionals quickly without investing in employing a new team member for short-term projects.

More than 54 million people in the USA are now freelancers according to independent research firm Edelman Berland, which is an increase of one million compared to the previous year. In the UK, the number of freelancers has risen to 4.5 million, with many of those turning to freelancing sites such as to gain short or long-term freelancing opportunities and adding on to their source of income., which has been recently launched, is a platform to provide freelancers with a real alternative to other job creation sites, believes the number of people who will turn to freelancing will continue to grow.

It’s absolutely free to join, as it’s specially created for people to promote their skill & talent rather than getting hitched in some fraudulent website which asks you to invest huge sum of money and doesn’t offer anything in return.

With the introduction of, it’s easier for people to showcase their skills online and engage with potential customers to add value to their business. Freelancing allows a person to work when they want to work and where they want to work instead of being confined to an office environment.

A report recently found that more than 70% of those freelancers who left their permanent employment were earning more within a year than they did in their old job. As well as being able to choose what hours a person works, freelancers are reported to be much happier as they have chosen what they love to do, rather than what one is forced to do in office environment, yes we are talking about late night shifts and extra work without any increase in salary or motivational factor. Freelancing in itself is motivational as the passion to succeed in the interest area is the primary motive behind working day and night.

When asked about the idea behind launching spottask, CA Swati Singh the founder of said: “Spottask is launched with an idea of eliminating unemployment & providing a permanent source of income to freelancers & service providers across the globe. Performing freelancing tasks digitally allows a person to find a balance between their professional & personal life. One becomes a freelancer by choice; yes passion to explore and work in the interest area is the primary motive, whereas money comes secondary. They can choose what hours they want to work and can even choose their interest areas or talent based jobs online on freelancing sites like We have some freelancers on our platform who travel the world while offering their services. We are constantly working towards its growth and adding on to the facilities we can offer to freelancers, service providers & corporate. Currently the talks with investors are on; Spottask will be the biggest digital service marketplace in the years to come.”

On being asked about the facility spottask offers that differs from other freelancing sites, Ms. Singh added “Paperback or images Portfolio creation is an outdated concept in today’s digital setup, Creating a SMART DIGITAL PORTFOLIO to enable prospective clients to buy services instantly with a simple click is what aims at. After all being creative is today’s trend.” working methodology is very simple & easy to follow. Once registered, a freelancer or service provider can start creating tasks they can do (mentioning the price they will be charging for rendering services) and work can be delivered online after receiving orders. Whereas corporate or contractors can ‘Post a request’ to get quotes from multiple freelancers for the projects to be completed.

At present the following are the popular services that corporate are looking for:

1. Graphic designing
2. Website designing
3. Computer Programming
4. Content writing services by freelancer writers and bloggers for websites, blogs, and social media
5. Press release writing services
6. Sales & marketing services including social media marketing & Influencer marketing services
7. SEO services, popularly known as search engine optimization services to get a website on premium position of various search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing
8. Video & audio production services
9. Consultancy services including Taxation, legal consultancy, career advices, health consultancy etc.
10. Artistic or creative services to promote startups or business

Freelancing sites like Spottask website allow freelancers to work from home and earn online whereas a corporate or business owner can reduce their overhead expenses and gain professional services in a short span of time than spending tons of amounts in publishing advertisements to hire professionals. When a contract based freelancer is hired, the corporate need not worry about paying for health care costs, holiday pay and other costs that are associated with taking on a full-time team member. This has made freelancing sites very attractive, allowing a business to seek professionals and having their required services delivered quicker and being more cost effective.

About Spottask

Spottask is a new freelancing platform that allows businesses to find professional services and for freelancers to promote their service to gain contracts.

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