Meet Queen OFIR

Ofir Ronit is an acclaimed entertainer and singer-songwriter who has won 22 international awards and received consideration for 9 Grammy nominations. She has been featured in Billboard and Hollywood Reporter magazines, performed at The White House, acted in numerous films and stage productions, and produced a host of hit records and albums including the world peace anthem “Fearless Wings of Love.”

CEO and multi awards winner singer songwriter producer artist known as Queen Ofir, Known as Queen Ofir. she emerged as one of the most popular performers in Israel before moving to the United States and taking the Los Angeles music scene by storm in 2013 and achieving widespread popularity throughout social media and on the world stage.
Born in Nahariya, a small town in Israel, to artistic parents, Queen Ofir received a classical education in the performing arts including drama, singing, dance, film editing and music production as well as creative writing and choreography.

At age 17, she began her singing career by performing and winning international awards throughout Israel and Europe, then advanced her career to the North American continent. In addition to her talents as an eclectic artist, she has guest-modeled at numerous red-carpet ceremonies and modeling events and recently placed second at the Miss West Coast 2020 pageant in L.A. Queen Ofir presented Israel in a prestigious international beauty contest by Virgelia production at 2019
Ronit Ofir Competed for miss Europe global title among 42 candidates from all over the world.