Javier Melgar’s Impactful Beginnings With Straight Up & American Moonlight Is Capturing Hearts

Javier Melgar Santoveña has starred in films like Straight Up! American Moonlight, Laced, Nothing and By Herself, all films that range from very different themes, backgrounds and messages. Even though Javier is mostly known for his comedic roles; he has started to venture more into the dramatic side and so far, it has worked well for him.

His films capture topics and characters from all walks of life, with different struggles and shared ones; giving him quite a bit of range when it comes to his work. Straight Up! His film about retired gymnasts trying to make a comeback has gotten critical acclaim and it one of the most anticipated releases for august. American Moonlight directed by Jeremiah Carbajal has been selected as one of the favorites to be a part of the Sundance Festival and the Telluride Film Festival, and it’s been said that it’s a superb acting performance. Also, hopefully joining American Moonlight in Sundance is the film Laced, and American History X kind of movie, with a powerful message; gruesome and real Laced tracks the story of a group of skinheads out to get Latinos and it puts in evidence how serious a problem racism is. There are high hopes for both films, and Javier’s plays no small part in these being some of the favorites to go to festivals.

It’s a testament of hard work, commitment and talent that a young actor as Javier has gotten to be a part of so many projects with bright futures. Most of his work gets praise from critics because of the level of dedication and talent he brings to set; and being a part of productions that have successful futures, is proof of the quality of artist Javier is. And his future in film, is a bright one as well.

Contributed by: Mr. Gary Cambell