Why Investing In Building Online Presence Is Crucial For Startups

Today, in this age of digitalization it is very unlikely for a business to not focus on having an online presence.  Having a website and building digital presence is the only powerful and useful tool to connect business houses all across the globe. It is beneficial for both whether it’s a startup or an established business house.

Here are the top 10 reasons why startups, entrepreneurs & business houses should invest in building a digital presence and official website

1]  24*7 Open ‘Virtual Office Online’
Hiring a web design company to build your website is necessity in the digital age. Having a website in itself is owning a virtual office, which connects to customers without having any need to travel long distances, one can plan an online meeting, finalise deals or exchange ideas. The best advantage is its always open, customers or clients can access and view companies services and place an order online, even on holidays. It offers convenience to both the parties. In general, it is much easier to finalise a transaction with the help of few clicks then to travel long distances to locate a store.

2] Building Trust & Credibility
In this fast growing era where technology is changing rapidly and with the presence of numerous ways to reaching out to potential customers, developing an official website gives access to clients to know more about the company or startup. Every website list an ‘about us’ page which offers details about the founder, entrepreneur, team members or the people involved.  Building credibility is an integral part of any company’s internal process.  Having a website in india or elsewhere, referring the contact and basic details about the founders enable clients to understand that it’s a genuine business house and a trusted entity. Websites also list testimonials of previous clients and reviews and ratings left by the client helps potential buyers in their buying decisions.

3] Affordable & Cost Effective
With the introduction of internet and world wide web, and due to the cut throat competition there are several web designing agencies which offers services at affordable prices, Techmagnate is one of the emerging popular agency. The growth in freelancing sites adds on to the benefit as an individual freelancer may accept the project a much lower rate. Cost reduction and cost cutting are extremely helpful factor for a startup to grow within limited budget. Building a website takes couple of days and can grow the business more than 200%. Apart from the low initial investment cost in developing a website, a company will save on wages, as a website may mean you no longer need that extra pair of hands, due to automated processes.  Getting your own official website is one of the stepping stone to success for start-ups, entrepreneurs & business houses.

4] Market Expansion
Globalization has changed the way people look at business and now dealings and contracts are exchanged between countries digitally. It connects the world as a single entity and a big marketplace has been emerged. As the internet is accessible to everyone all over the world and the ability to break through geographical barriers has become a lot easier. Anyone from any country will be able to access your business and therefore has higher chances to be your next client.

5] Increased Reach And Growth In Profit Levels
As the internet in itself is widely popular, millions of users are already cracking online deals, the one who doesn’t have a website or online presence misses out on increasing sales & doubling the profits percentages. There are various researchers and journalist which may find your website interesting and share it or recommend it to people they know. It’s as good as spreading your business card. Online shopping is very convenient and hence certainly on everyone’s list. Selling products and services online gives your business a major competitive advantage & is the only cost efficient way of doing business.

6] Information Exchange
A website easily provides a medium of communication between buyers and sellers, which enables customers to more about the company, product & services offered or to interact and provide suggestions or reviews.

7] Adaptability
A website is much more adaptive, as any information can be changed or edited easily by the manager having the authority. Changes in price or product visibility can easily be done according to the market conditions. Like amendments in laws, a website can be amended easily to display the updated information. It is very cost effective to enter the data digitally then to carry out a writing task and then taking print and extra efforts to circulate it to all the employees. Having a website gives instant access to all the employees to view the latest and updated information digitally at any given time.

8] Online Customer Support
Websites provides an easier way to handle customer support digitally, whether it is providing answers to regularly asked questions in a section known as FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or reducing time efforts & cost. Providing online chat and online customer support facility is phenomena which is adopted by every big business houses and are becoming popular even for medium and small business websites.

9] Edge over competitors
Building your digital presence and an official website gives your business an edge over competitors. It is always beneficial to take a lead and be digital savvy. Go digital before your competitor takes on the advantage.

10] Long term growth Opportunity
Web development and designing services are very affordable and provides a long term benefit for the company. It is the cheapest form of digital advertising which offers multiple advantages. Duration of domain name plays an important role in building trust among the users, a longer duration indicates that the company is in existence from a long time and a short duration indicates that the company has been launched recently.

There are several web designing and development agencies available online in india and outside, which one to choose is another task in itself. An agency offering a responsive web design is recommended rather than going for a static html and css website. Techmagnate is one of the digital marketing agency which is emerging rapidly in india offering web development, SEO services, SMO Services, Conversion optimization & app store optimization.  The differentiating factor from competitors is Techmagnate has Brand-building capabilities for creating more effective internet campaigns. They specialises in web development in india and turning out to be the fastest growing agency in the designing sector. To know more visit Techmagnate official website.