Harmony Drive’s “Be There” dishes-out soft acoustic driven pop

2017, marks one more remarkable steps in the career and musical journey of Harmony Drive, the Norwegian band who’s becoming more popular as time goes by. Harmony Drive is a band that forever manages to strike the correct balance among lyrics and Music, with that sole mixture of the famous rock, pop, and alternative genres. Andre Myhren, Vidar Braun, and Lars Erik Schjerphen have certainly done a remarkable job in joining up as a band as the result can be felt and heard in their enormous songs.
Since their previous single, they’ve been working hard on other songs as-well-as a lot of performances, and they now release their latest and one of the most energetic singles so far, Be There. It is the type of song that will permit you to open up and say something from the rest of the heart that is deeply meaningful. And if you, like several other fans, express yourself via music, then Harmony Drive will help tear down the walls of emotional restraint by saying several of the things you would like to say in your personal connection.
Be There, has a romantic message that us being delivered in a rather haunting ways since as soon as you hear the song you’re bound to remain singing along with it as it has that extremely special and sole imprint on one’s ear and mind. With a delightful sound from the music element. That blends truly fine with the voice of the main singer, Be There is one of those songs that you’ll wish to hear over and over again. The 3 members of the band have absolutely managed to do a remarkable in both the music and vocals and part of the allure of this Be There song lies in their passion for aural music that is impeccably combined with pop genre. You’ll not be bored at any point during the procedure. Turn it on and your mood will be instantly improved.
The music video for this song was filmed in beautiful sights of Norway and Philippines, featuring the members of the band and model, surfer, and TV host Mona Lisa who’s impersonating the members of the daring of the romantic message in this song. The Music Video of this song is available on YouTube, as-well-as on the site of Harmony Drive. The song will also be made available for band’s follower on Social Media platforms.
For those who’d like to dedicate a romantic number for their girlfriend, Lover, wife without being confusing, poetic and elegant number Be There is absolutely a remarkable option. Pleasurable to listen to, and definitely extremely catch, Be There is certainly going to be one more hit for Harmony Drive.

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