Do you know why 90% of the visitors will go back to buying the same product/service from the same store? Why does it happen? Why the top 1% of the e-commerce websites, take away the 80% of the market sales? The answer is because they are focused in building a brand identity with right marketing strategies.

What if there was a method – a process even – that you could apply to boost website sales? Well, there is.
Here are the secrets of building a brand that will en-cash all your ideas. These method works across all categories, it doesn’t really matter what business you’re in. We’ve turned it into a checklist, so the task is to follow a definite and realistic marketing strategy and see a dramatic increase in your online sales. We are revealing the secrets behind boosting your online sales:

An attractive & eye catching website sales faster than a non appealing one. Check out various graphic designing deals to enhance the outlook of your website or to hire graphic designers on freelance basis.


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Get an excellent logo designed by professional, who have mastered the skill of creating a unique and attractive logo, which is very essential in building your brand. With over millions of competing brands, people may or may not remember a brand name but they will always recognise the appealing logo. So get one today, or redesign your existing logo to make it sellable enough to bring in more visitors & give a boost to your online presence.


Generate powerful social media marketing campaigns with the help of marketing experts available on spottask.com. Whether its facebook / twitter / instagram / linkedin or pinterest. Our social media marketers have all the tips and tricks to bring in more exposure and engagement to your posts, photos or videos. Do you often wonder how the posts go viral on social media? Well once could be yours, just hire a social media marketing expert and see your post going viral on social media.


It’s a proven fact that a well written article drives in more sales and thereby increase in your earnings. Get attractive blog articles written by content creation experts available on spottask.com.


Spottask lists wide range of content marketing video creators, who offer their audio/video production services starting from just $5, that sounds Unbelievable right? Well they actually provide you an affordable and excellent marketing video for your website or product.


Do you often look for leads or maintain a lead register? If not, then start today. What drives in sales to competitor but not to your website, think about it? Are they approaching new customers through a hidden means or do they have a wider reach? Well here the secret, run a targeted emails marketing campaign, It Works. Wait a minute; you don’t have bulk emails to reach out to potential clients! Here’s the solution, Get 7 Million USA Email Id’s database with contact numbers in just $5, that’s unbelievable but a real deal, so crack it today.


Are you one of a kind who believes and follow a different way of presenting your products or services. Then get a Art work designed exclusively for your website promotion, check out the various artist available on spottask.com offering their unique set of skills for your website promotion.


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