“Life” by Josh Pfeiffer – Music Video Review

What’s Life? How many people actually experience the challenges? Well, the term “life” in itself is abstract that is yet to be defined till date. Now the matter remains how you project it in your work since the title of your project is ‘Life’. I, personally did not find it to be very novice or obnoxious. Truly, it was a good attempt considering a classic narration style and story. However, it did not allow the video to be generated and presented a fresh look altogether. Even the music part is fresh and appealing. In my view, it has become a great blend of music, video and lastly the storyline.

Life Is How You See It

Coming to the part of the music, one must praise Josh Pfeiffer for his wide range of sound adaptation. In my view, he is a country poet, who reflects a life through his romantic visions like many country singers. However, the sweetness is voice contains can only be compared with the great Cliff Richard. It is undeniable that Alejandro Guimoye has implanted life in his voice with a perfect creation. I would still like to offer the credit to Josh Pfeiffer for this, as the soul of the idea had been generated by this person only. The only and major thing the director Alejandro Guimoye did is planning a good production until the final execution.
Michael Spranger, the cinematographer of this video does deserve a certain amount of credit for making such a lovely video. Long and wide frames in the video were gladly celebrating life at a great stretch. It reveals a great associative approach between the director and the cinematographer, which let this magic to happen. The top angel shots projected in this video perfectly synchronized with the locations. Again, my sorted credit is for the director, who planned such a gorgeous video without allowing any compromise with the music and lyrics. One must admit that the management of Fallen Leaf Films has not wasted their money while making this video.

Narration that Speaks out Music Loudly

The vision of the third eye has always been there at the center looking at the sheds of the relationships. Astonishingly, the actor Josh Pfeiffer is equally good in acting just like his musical senses and lyrics. Moreover, his innocent but sharp face spoke a lot about the life, when he was gazing at the couples from different age groups. The actors who played the aged couple had really done a commendable job and proved to be highly convincing. The young male actor is also good with a classic European outfit. However, I could not but offer less priority to the female actor, who was not as expressing through her eyes as expected. The director of photography Michael Spranger had created another magic through a passionate red mid-tone, which worked with the lyrics and sound so effectively. He along with the director could sufficiently justify the needs of the musical approach of Josh Pfeiffer. With a slow flow of narration, this music video never fails to seek your attention.

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