IT Certification Courses In Demand – CCNA AND Oracle Certification

Koenig solutions specialize in providing state-of-the art technical certifications and training on all famous IT technologies accessible globally. The high standard training courses provided by Koenig are made up of several innovative learning techniques and delivery models to cater the special needs of a global customer base.

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CCNA Course Offered by Koenig solution

CCNA is a networking course which is in big demand among students and in the market. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and is the basic of the 3 level Cisco CCNA security certification. CCNA certification course is designed to support desk engineers and field technicians. IT field attracts lots of youngsters and CCNA course is an entry to get into this field.

Koenig’s CCNA course provides you a general knowledge of networking, it permits you to install, operate, configure, troubleshoot, manage and maintain non IP and IP networks. Networking engineers are liable for administering and building computer networks. To excel in networking field you must have specialized training from a Koenig Solutions.

To apply in a mega IT company it is vital to have a diploma from a famous institute of your city.  A through training in CCNA supports students to gain broad knowledge in networking field and also acquaints in the configuration and installation of networking system. Students also learn about internet protocol which is largely used in PC networking.


Oracle Certified Associate course offered by koenig solutions

Oracle is a famous brand in the IT sphere. Achieving Oracle certification course offered by Koenig solutions means that you have earned a reputed and well-respected credential that demonstrates your IT skill in the marketplace and provides you the required recognition you forever craved for.

Investing in oracle certifications courses and trainings provide you a full edge over others in the same domain, by developing an expertise set that is in demand throughout the globe. Through continuous learning such as -oracle LVC or interactive online oracle training you can make excellent opportunities and better your credibility for your potential employers and the existing one. Further, upon completing your Oracle credentials, you join the eighty percent of the Oracle certification holder’s community who reported to get promotions along with exponential raise in salary and continue career improvements. In Koenig Solutions, you can select from range of courses that contains oracle certified associate, oca certification, oca training and oracle dba courses.