Benny S Music Is A Treat For Music Lovers

Something in store for every music lover. Here arrives Benny S, the popular musician. Benny S is the talk of the nation for his extra ordinary and creative music approach. He has been known for the popular numbers such as Victim of Da Game (#9 song on the Euro Indie Music Charts for 2016), Earn What I Got, In Ur Eyes, etc Benny has recently sealed a deal with Da Tribe Inc/Sugo Music Group/Sony Music. He has also created a remarkable song, “Trust aka KCCO” in tribute to his favourite app The Chive. A way of life… not just an app. Benny S has been living music for a decade and discovered his passion way back, which he is now dedicated to let the world know about. The fan following has grown tremendously and now he has over 208k twitter followers [@BennySings] watching him closely and has over 363k music views on reverbnation and was chosen a one of the 3% of independent artists to get his own Pandora Radio Station. Benny S has restarted his journey joining the local hip hop group known as “Da Tribe” and accomplished this due to continuous efforts and soulful music. A great musician always carries unconditional love for the arts and songwriting, which takes him far. The undying love for music keeps the fire burning that’s exactly what Benny S Music is all about. That’s exactly when a star is born and a soul gets the reason to live.


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